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Marketing Strategy, Brand and Delivery for Businesses across Cornwall, Devon and the South Coast 


   Approachable and friendly, we can look at your business and develop the right marketing and strategy for you and your ambitions. Marketing for tourism, manufacturing, B2B services, local businesses and services – we can cover almost any sector. See what our clients say about us  (This is what matters)  


 Additional value services: Personal Life Coaching for Business and Careers | Tutoring and Guest Lecturing for Academic and Business settings


 Follow our blog to discover useful, real-life, easy to understand and powerful comment on the marketing and business world that can inspire, get you thinking and deliver solutions to issues and drive ambition for your business.


Social Media
For Business

The latest in social to grow your business.  Solutions for businesses who lack the time or ability to maximise their social potential.


Full stack insights into all areas of marketing, developing products and services and pricing. Digital, Social, Offline and Traditional.

Accelerated Response
For Business

A new way to look at business, uniquely developed and owned by us. Look to the future with confidence and fully prepared.

Personal life coaching for business leaders.



Fully agile qualified we look at new ways to think, operate and manage situations. Tutoring and training in business.

Latest From The Blog

Business just got very personal. Let’s talk.

Business just got very personal. Let’s talk.

There has never been a more important time to talk. Talking in 2020 is the new cool.  Having a life coach with professional business expertise will help you explore your ideas, motivate you, and be impartial and confidential to allow you to really open up your possibilities.

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Don’t speak to me until May (or even June)!

Don’t speak to me until May (or even June)!

Nothing will be the same, mobile working will now accelerate as the world realises that it is possible, your teams will work differently and importantly we as consumers have had our values shaken to the core. So reset, have a think, keep your marketing awareness going, keep your marketing team and agencies thinking, but let’s all take a deep breath and as the Queen brilliantly said: “We’ll meet again”.

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About Us

Having worked with over 500 businesses, Ghost has developed growth and marketing strategies from SME to multimillion turnover businesses and corporates. The challenges, barriers and insights have provided confidence and growth and all with a sense of humour and thinking human to human rather than business to business or business to consumer. Ghost was founded in 2017 by Karen Hoyle (Runner up in Venus Business Awards Southwest Influential Woman of the Year), and works with other leading agencies as value-added associates.  

Karen Hoyle - Founding Director Ghost Consulting