Your business is no longer about profit, meetings or plans. All of these things came to a shuddering halt with lockdown. We were left with emotional feelings and a journey from a business mind to a very personal mind.  Does this sound familiar?


Week 1: “This is okay I’ll have brief break and back to normal”  (still got my business head on)     

Week 2: “Is my business and job secure?”  (still got my business head on)  

Week 3: “Oh…nothing is ever going to be the same. Will the business fail?, how do I plan for this?, will I ever return to my office?, how do I manage my team?, do I need to think about a new career?”  (suddenly very personal decisions and thoughts creep in)   

Week 4:  “I have lost my confidence, I’m feeling a little lost, my business may have to close, I’m financially going to struggle, I can’t see a way forward, I am so stressed, I don’t think I have the skills for this, I’ve got to have some difficult conversations with my staff, will there be a job when we reopen should I consider a new career?”  (It’s now all very personal, I need help)     


Positive news! We can stop the negatives and and make the following happen:  

Week 5-20 onwards: “I’ve got my confidence back, I can think more clearly now, I’m looking at things with fresh eyes, I’m opening up to new possibilities, limitations that I had before have now gone, I’m making a contribution to my business, I’m okay that my role has now gone it wasn’t my fault, I’m thinking of a new career based around what I love to do, I want to spend more time with family in future, I am building a new dream around work and life” 

Business owners, executives, managers and employees across the world are under intense strain in 2020, things will change and that is a certainty.  Life is not normal and there is not a single business that has not been impacted. Motivation is key to keeping focused on the challenge at hand and taking time to identify where you are currently struggling, have lost confidence or just fear the future is really important in order to move forwards. Some business will not make it out of this, and for those and identification of that as a reality, how to then consider the people involved and to importantly not see it as a personal failure will be a positive outcome. Overcoming setbacks and loss is difficult but by talking it doesn’t have to break you.

Other businesses may be able to take  a deep breathe and look at things differently for their future and adapt to create a new future, with new ways of working, new staff skills, new training and new lives.  If you are the business owner your business can create new goals and you can have a new dream to take forwards with a plan. Personal life coaching for business is often about inspiring and motivating business leaders towards dreams and new ideas, you are the one that the rest of the business looks to for your vision and keeping that motivation and ability is very important. The current situation may also have shaken you out of a business slumber and rut that you have been in for many years and you are beginning to think that actually you’d like to proactively make a change to something new. 

There has never been a more important time to talk. Talking in 2020 is the new cool.  Having a life coach with professional business expertise will help you explore your ideas, motivate you, and be impartial and confidential to allow you to really open up your possibilities. 

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