LinkedIn and other social media are currently jammed with companies still trying to sell, sell, sell when we are in a new world where businesses are closed, overwhelmed and rightly are putting staff, finances and operations before marketing. I have had many conversations with businesses looking for some guidance, but in reality, I have said: “Don’t speak to me until May or even June”. This is a new world where we need to help each other and be realistic. The conversations I have had have so many unknowns and very few certainties to even start working on.

If you own a business I’m sure you are fully aware that marketing is a still a key factor in your revenue and income but until you have your building blocks back in place for what your business may look like in the future it is not the right time to be working on briefs. Many businesses are going to look different when they re-open and that needs scoping and planning. A marketing budget should be confirmed and made ready to go. Treat your business like a start-up again and that is where your new stories, amazing content, new products, new experiences and new structures can be accurately put out there for the public to buy again. Nothing will be the same, mobile working will now accelerate as the world realises that it is possible, your teams will work differently and importantly we as consumers have had our values shaken to the core. So reset, have a think, keep your marketing awareness going, keep your marketing team and agencies thinking, but let’s all take a deep breath and as the Queen brilliantly said: “We’ll meet again”.