90 minutes of practical 1-1 marketing advice from marketing consultant Karen Hoyle. Karen has over 20 years of hands-on marketing experience across a wide range of business types and from Startup to Corporate. Karen still works on a daily basis in marketing for clients using all the latest technology and methodology and was runner-up in the recent Devon and Cornwall Venus Business Awards for ‘Influential Woman of the Year’.

These sessions are designed to not involve classrooms, presentations, textbooks or jargon. Businesses are asking for pure practical advice, guidance, and ideas. Feel free to ask any questions and come to the session with all issues, barriers, and objectives for your business.

Who can come?

These sessions can be for MDs, Marketing Managers, Start-Up Owners, Growth Businesses or anyone involved in getting their product or service out to market.

What can you ask about?

Commonly asked topics are:

I have a product/service – where do I even start?
How do I develop a brand?
Explain everything to me about Social Media for Business
I need a website – what type, functionality, price and design am I needing?
How much should I pay for websites, social media, advertising, PR, a marketing team?
What should my marketing budget be to achieve my objective and how should I spend it?
What roles do I need in a marketing team for today’s modern marketing?
How can I see if my marketing spend is getting results?
How do I develop a marketing strategy for my business?
I’m a Start-Up business – what basics do I need first and what should I plan for?
What balance or mix of marketing should I have? (Social Media, Leaflets, Websites etc)
How do I create good content that people will want to read?
How do I select agency’s to work with and how do I manage them?
What outcomes can I expect to get from my marketing? (sales, awareness, recognition, trust, change of attitude)

What areas of marketing can we discuss?

In short – everything!

PR, Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO and SMO, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Traditional Marketing, Events, Blogs, Advertising, Managing and selecting media and agencies and much more.

Will I get my return on investment in this session?

Most clients agree that they save more money than the session costs by getting the advice. These sessions can be seen as cost neutral. By getting the right advice you make better and appropriate decisions for your business and you save time.

What will I get in 90 minutes?

You can expect to get questions answered and investigated, ideas discussed and validated and enough insight to give you a good kick start on marketing activity for the next 3 months. You will also get an overall idea of the strategy you need long-term. The service also includes access to ask follow up questions by email (for one month) and you will get a follow-up rundown of what was discussed.


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