Breaking News today is that Facebook is going into testing to be able to place ads within videos that Facebook users are viewing. (Full story here

The feature will be seen on both Live Video and Pre-recorded. This a feature that already has many of us put the kettle on for the first 10 seconds on You Tube and then quickly skip to the content we want. Facebook is reportedly going to place the unskippable ads 20 seconds into the video, which has me thinking how content creators are now going to be considering how this will impact what they develop and what they expect from the viewer.

Interestingly the viewer can also request the ad breaks and they will only appear to those with high sharing and reach capability, which may limit the annoyance to general users.

From initial talk on this, it could be that videos will be storyboarded to get main information into first 15 seconds and then making sure the next 5 seconds pulls people back after the first ad. It could also be that in the case of the demand to see the Christmas John Lewis ad first, people are pulled into requesting the ad breaks. All of this will switch people either on or off being at ‘influencer’ level on Facebook because this is where these ads will be placed. If you have more than 2000 followers and a lot of engagement, would you think this useful or not? Current talk hints that Facebook will share the income from the ads with the creators so that maybe enough to get early adopters testing the concept.

This is another interesting change tested by Facebook and more evidence of its continued commitment to broadcast and video. This is nothing for businesses and marketing managers to be over concerned with now, but for content creators it is one for the future. If Facebook can make the ads relevant to why the viewer is watching the video in the first place it could be a good tool, but if relevance is not considered it could have a rocky start.

By Karen Hoyle, Chief Spook Ghost Consulting.