Instagram’s Business Blog today announced that it will be rolling out its shopping feature to a wider number of businesses after seeing positive results from testing. The shopping feature has been long awaited and being able to just push a button to purchase what you can see in a picture you like seems a fast route to sales.

The real power of being able to buy direct from Instagram, as Ghost see it, is the ability to see the product you like in context and in the environment it was destined for use in. Seeing a watch in a retail store or even on a website doesn’t show you the lifestyle around that product, but an image showing that watch on an aspirational person at the beach will send a more emotional buying signal.

Aspiration and impulse to buy will be key to the success of the shopping feature on Instagram, as well as how good the purchasing process is once the buy now button is pushed. To get yourself ready for Instagram shopping consider the following:

  • Quality of your images and clarity of the product in the picture itself
  • The product needs to show itself in context – not just a product shot on a blank background. Show the product being used.
  • Make sure your web links are ready for fast check out on ecommerce websites – deep link direct to products in websites.
  • Track your Instagram sales verses other web sales, check analytics and reporting.
  • Test different image formats and develop style and placement that appeals to your followers.
  • Start building a bigger audience from today ready for the shopping feature.
  • Be interesting and engaging, don’t be sales focused.

For more info on Instagram shopping view Instagram’s Business Blog with video example of user experience

By Karen Hoyle – Chief Spook, Ghost Consulting