I am constantly being asked for top tips on content for social media. So here are some quick words that could really make a difference to the organic reach of your social media posts. (I actually have these permanently written on the inside of a notebook as my own self check for each time I post).

Avoid using words like – Buy Now, Free, Discount, Limited Time, Save Money, Bulk Discount, Buy one get one free, Offer, Sale – these are negative words that Facebook will downgrade the quality of your post for.

Use positive words – Consider, Develop, Comment, Take, Submit, Like, Tell us, Join us, Celebrate, Unite or Enjoy – these are far more motivational and make an organic post stronger and more real.

Also ask your audience a question and it will get higher engagement. “How would you change the world in two minutes?”

Look at the content that you enjoy reading, consider what reels you in and then try and do the same.

Karen Hoyle – Chief Spook Ghost Consulting