Personal Life Coaching for Business 

Get a new view on life, work and business

There has never been a more important time to talk. Talking is the new cool.  Having a life coach with professional business expertise will help you explore your ideas, motivate you, and be impartial and confidential to allow you to really open up your possibilities. Ghost Director, Karen Hoyle, is a qualified Life Coach and Business Coach and will be your personal contact. Sessions are normally 45 minutes and can be done by Zoom, FaceTime or phone.  (Face to face meetings will be possible after restrictions are lifted)

Life coaching follows discussion of a topic that matters to you, setting goals, brainstorming options and creating an action plan. Life coaches motivate, encourage and give you someone to be accountable to each session to keep your track. 

Leader and Executive Life Coaching

Develop into a leader with confidence, goals, and also home life. Balance your business world with your dream, ambition, and go beyond your limiting beliefs. Develop mechanisms to cope with communication, stress and responsibility. A life coach gives you an impartial sounding board outside of your business circle.

Confidence Life Coaching

Procrastinator? Need to speak up more? Want to take more risks? A woman in business needing to roar? Let’s take a look at giving you a confidence boost and making dreams attainable by believing in yourself and removing limitations. 

“You will miss 100% of the shots you never take” 


Career Life Coaching

 Do you enjoy your job? Unmotivated and bored? Would you like to be more confident to ask for a promotion or a pay rise? Find out if breaking out of your current field will be better for you and into something more fulfilling. A life coach can help you make the leap. Plan a path for your career to meet your desired work-life balance.

Try this exercise to get you thinking

Are you working in your current role because you are good at it? or because you love doing what you do each day?

 In a notebook create four  headings

1) what you are good at

2) what do you love doing now

 3) what do you never want to do again

4) what would you love to do but never had opportunity?

Is the result telling you something?

12 Reasons You Really Need a Life Coach

Don’t just take our word for it – check out Lifehacks 12 Reasons 

COVID-19 has made business suddenly become very personal for business owners, leaders and employees. Now is the time to talk.